I can’t say enough about this “Genius” team you’ve helped me assemble.  They are all getting along together fabulously!  And the two newbies are starting to get their sea-legs and knocking off some good work this early.

SVP Technology, Major Financial Services Company

The team at Genius Road made my recruiting experience quick and easy. Everyone was extremely responsive and I felt like all my questions and concerns were addressed almost immediately. I appreciated the personalized attention.

Marketing Campaign Consultant, Global Client

This was the best experience I have ever had with a recruiting company/team. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Technical Sales Director, Fortune 1000 Company

Kimberly and her team have been extremely helpful in our efforts to staff across several markets. In the past, I have worked with many staffing firms with varied results. Kimberly and her team offered a refreshing approach and her team goes through great lengths to understand our needs and really listen for what makes an ideal sales engineering candidate. Candidates presented to us for review are screened extensively based on predefined criteria. They never send recycled resumes or candidates that don’t fit these profiles. The candidates that we have hired working with Kimberly and her team have more than satisfied our expectations. Whether we choose to move on a candidate or not, Kimberly is always looking for feedback on how to be a better business partner. We are thankful to have relationships like this to help make our goals a reality.

Director, Fortune 500 Company

Hi Kim, thanks so much for connecting, as I have had the best experience so far with Supriya and your team. She is knowledgeable, professional, and overall wanted to make sure you knew how hard she is working. I think it’s important to reach out sometimes with feedback. I feel like I can trust her, she had good pointers to assist with my interview process, and always responded to me in a timely manner…Thanks for all of your time and consideration!

Digital Marketing Manager Candidate

I am the Director of Human Resources for New Benefits, Ltd. and have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Zanatta and her team at Genius Road as a client since 2013; New Benefits has been using her services dating back at 2011. The Genius Road team is responsive, dedicated, professional, terrific at what they do (staffing)! They have helped us at New Benefits fill numerous positions in the areas of Human Resources, Accounting, Business Development, and especially IT to name a few.

Genius Road stands out amongst other agencies for many reasons. One of the key differentiators being their customized approach and extensive vetting process. Kimberly took the time to truly get to know our business, culture, and people! This permitted Genius Road to find top talent to effectively match our company’s needs. The candidates from Genius Road were professional and well prepared because Kim and her team were dedicated to prepping each candidate on New Benefits as an organization and the interviewing process. This allows companies like ours to conduct efficient interviews and a streamlined hiring process. Additionally, their thorough vetting process eliminated unqualified candidates from the interview pool which added to the efficiency of our interviewing/hiring process. My team and I have greatly enjoyed our working relationship with Kimberly Zanatta and her team at Genius Road.

Director, Human Resources, New Benefits™

I have worked with Genius Road for several years.  I have used them for staffing, executive coaching, long-term and short-term staff planning, and executive or B2B level networking.  At one point, this was the only staffing firm that I was actually using for my staffing needs although I was required, by my company, to work with and consider applicants from other firms.  When it comes to staffing, using Genius Road for me is like a jeweler using a precision instrument rather than a sledge hammer.  The account executives at Genius Road spend an unusual amount of time getting to know the hiring manager, the corporate and team culture, the job description, and the nuances that may not be found in a job description.  In a particular 12-month time period, if I saw 60 applicants, Genius Road only sent two and both were hired.

As for executive coaching, Genius Road coaches give honest, candid feedback so as to set realistic expectations.  They also spend as much or as little time as is needed to attain the required results.  Resume drafting, review, and grooming  is done at the highest level so as to communicate the right message without misleading or fabricating skills and history.  In a short phrase, Genius Road executive coaching is subtle yet powerfully effective.

In summary, Genius Road is a small but amazingly competent and capable recruiting agency that does so much more.  They absolutely understand the industries that they support which is one of their true strengths.  The other is their strong sense of ethics in business.  This group is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to meet a customer’s staffing needs and they have the right team in place along with the experience and reputation to get it done!

Vice President, Texas State Wireless Association

I had the opportunity to manage a companywide national contingent labor program.  Like most companies we measured program success and found that Kimberly Zanatta was consistently mentioned as a differentiator versus her peer group.  Regardless of the location of our Hiring Managers they knew Kimberly and more importantly they trusted her.  She understood the unique characteristics of our company and each individual business unit as well as the details of technology skills sets ensuring the best fit candidate.  Equally as important we received strong reviews from her consultants which meant they will work for her throughout their project end date.

Kimberly is committed to her clients, her consultants, is highly capable and ethical and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and her team for your staffing needs.

Former Senior VP Cards Technology, Bank of America

Kimberly’s approach is very different from your typical IT staffing company.  Kim takes the time to really know your company culture to ensure the candidates’ skills and personality match the work environment.  I was confident in the qualifications of each candidate submitted for my open position because I trusted in Kim’s professional standard.  She has a passionate work ethic and expects the same of the candidates she presents.

Former Vice President, Human Resources & Training, New Benefits™
(Also a customer in her previous position as HR Contract Labor Generalist for MBNA America)

Kimberly not only asks the right question but she listens. She has a unique ability to funnel everything we’re saying into a tangible portrait of the candidate we’re looking for. In every interaction, the team at Genius Road has made us feel like we’re their most important client.

Principal, eCraneSolutions
(Also a customer in her previous position as Director of Information Technology, Premier Designs, Inc.)