Genius Road is a small, focused organization that breeds a culture of agility and hyper-responsiveness. We promote fierce, respectful competition within that is based on the desire to exceed our clients’ expectations and be the best search firm in the industry. Genius Road is a diverse group of people with a mix of gender, ethnic and religious background, each of which is respected and celebrated. A generous paid time off policy and a commitment to work/life balance have fostered a harmonious work environment. The group is keen on giving back to the community through various volunteer and fundraising opportunities.

In February 2020, our founder, Kimberly Zanatta, used her background in education (B.Ed.)  to give back to the community when she created and led an educational program series which also aligned with the technology facet of our company. Kimberly volunteered to deliver a 4-week seminar at the Best Buy Tech Center in Dallas to help teens advance with building an effective resume, showcase their “brand” and how to succeed in interviews and presentations. This is the first initiative and will be rolled out to other schools throughout the DFW metroplex shortly. The firm will be enlisting other seasoned staff to contribute to upcoming classes that will be offered through different partnerships.

Several of the Genius Road team members also frequently participate in Feed My Starving Children events where they spend the day packing meals for export to underdeveloped countries.