Texas State Wireless Association

I have worked with Genius Road for several years.  I have used them for staffing, executive coaching, long-term and short-term staff planning, and executive or B2B level networking.  At one point, this was the only staffing firm that I was actually using for my staffing needs although I was required, by my company, to work with and consider applicants from other firms.  When it comes to staffing, using Genius Road for me is like a jeweler using a precision instrument rather than a sledge hammer.  The account executives at Genius Road spend an unusual amount of time getting to know the hiring manager, the corporate and team culture, the job description, and the nuances that may not be found in a job description.  In a particular 12-month time period, if I saw 60 applicants, Genius Road only sent two and both were hired.

As for executive coaching, Genius Road coaches give honest, candid feedback so as to set realistic expectations.  They also spend as much or as little time as is needed to attain the required results.  Resume drafting, review, and grooming  is done at the highest level so as to communicate the right message without misleading or fabricating skills and history.  In a short phrase, Genius Road executive coaching is subtle yet powerfully effective.

In summary, Genius Road is a small but amazingly competent and capable recruiting agency that does so much more.  They absolutely understand the industries that they support which is one of their true strengths.  The other is their strong sense of ethics in business.  This group is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to meet a customer’s staffing needs and they have the right team in place along with the experience and reputation to get it done!