New Benefits

I am the Director of Human Resources for New Benefits, Ltd. and have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Zanatta and her team at Genius Road as a client since 2013; New Benefits has been using her services dating back at 2011. The Genius Road team is responsive, dedicated, professional, terrific at what they do (staffing)! They have helped us at New Benefits fill numerous positions in the areas of Human Resources, Accounting, Business Development, and especially IT to name a few.

Genius Road stands out amongst other agencies for many reasons. One of the key differentiators being their customized approach and extensive vetting process. Kimberly took the time to truly get to know our business, culture, and people! This permitted Genius Road to find top talent to effectively match our company’s needs. The candidates from Genius Road were professional and well prepared because Kim and her team were dedicated to prepping each candidate on New Benefits as an organization and the interviewing process. This allows companies like ours to conduct efficient interviews and a streamlined hiring process. Additionally, their thorough vetting process eliminated unqualified candidates from the interview pool which added to the efficiency of our interviewing/hiring process. My team and I have greatly enjoyed our working relationship with Kimberly Zanatta and her team at Genius Road.